Picart Le Doux, Charles

1881 – 1959

Charles Alexandre Picart Le Doux was born in Paris and studied art at the Académie Julien and the École des Beaux Arts. He was a fixture in turn-of-the-century Montmartre where he mixed with artists at the famed Lapin Agile. His career was interrupted with the outbreak of World War I where he served as a nurse and was profoundly affected by the horrors he witnessed. After the war he immersed himself in his work and received much critical recognition in Europe and North America. He is probably best known for his decorations for the Normandie ocean liner and was a devoted professor of art for many years.

Though sometimes referred to as “the last true Impressionist, comparable to Renoir in research” he was never part of the movement. Picart Le Doux produced very few prints and they are typically Modernist in style.