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Georgina Kelman :: Works on Paper

Welcome to Georgina Kelman :: Works on Paper where you will find a selection of original prints, drawings and watercolors intended to evoke a step back to a more elegant era.

I began my fascination with prints in 1989 when I started working at a rare book shop specializing in illustrated volumes from the 20th Century. I was amazed to discover the printed treasures that lay within the covers of these works, in particular the lush beauty of pochoir – an interest that I continue to collect and promote to this day.

After 8 years in the book business, I ventured sideways into fine prints, first with a partner where I began my love affair with the Belle Epoque, and since 2005 as a sole proprietor. As well as maintaining a website and exhibiting in print fairs across the country, I have published a printed catalogue every autumn since 2006. In 2014, I was accepted as a member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association and regularly participate in grant reviews for the IFPDA Foundation.

My philosophy is very simple. Rather than chasing “brand name” artists and marquee pieces, I am always on the hunt for something surprising. A discovery. Great graphics illustrating fine design and technique, from ephemera to master works by known and unknown artists. Every item in my stock is an original work of art, carefully chosen for quality and appeal to both the beginning collector and the experienced aficionado.

To this end, I am constantly seeking pieces to acquire and spend months every year traveling to out of the way places to procure unusual and beautiful works of art on paper. The result has been a most rewarding career not only as a voyage of discovery but also in relationships developed with the collectors and institutions that I have had the privilege to work with. My inventory is not vast, but I like to think there are a few surprises.

I hope you’ll take a moment to browse through this selection and perhaps you’ll come across something that catches your fancy!