Jeanniot, Pierre Georges

1848 – 1934

Although Jeanniot’s first attempt in the field of print making was not met with tremendous enthusiasm by the critics, he persevered and continued to work in the mediums of etching, lithography and wood block printing. By the turn of the century, collectors and colleagues recognized his special gifts as an illustrator and his work became very popular and sought after.

Subject matter ranged from soldier scenes from the War of 1870 and World War I, to portraiture, to seaside landscapes. He also made very beautiful pictures of women of the Belle Époque period and into the new century.

Jeanniot’s artistry was admired and supported by his fellow artists Manet, Pissaro and particularly Degas with whom he experimented with monotypes in colors. His work was published in several reviews and he illustrated many books.

Jeanniot’s greatest achievement is his ability to successfully combine the gentility of Impressionism with the modernity of the Belle Époque.