Guérard, Henri

1846 – 1897

The French artist Henri-Charles Guérard is considered one of the most skilled and inventive and downright curious, printmakers of his day. Formally trained at the renowned École des Beaux Arts in Paris, Guérard experimented with every facet of printmaking, even creating his own techniques to achieve the effect he was looking for.

Guérard’s prints explored a wide range of subjects from household objects like shoes and lanterns to marine scenes to animals including his own pet monkey and beloved dog Azor, and his work often reflected the influence of Japanese art and decoration. He was close friends with many prominent artists including Edouard Manet, Henri Béraldi, Paul Cézanne, Norbert Goeneutte and Félix Bracquemond with whom he founded the Société des Peintres-Graveurs in 1889.