Delâtre, Eugène

1864 – 1938

Eugène Delâtre’s career as a pre-eminent printmaker began at a young age. The son of prominent etching printer Auguste Delâtre, Eugène was raised in the milieu of printing presses and was well acquainted with both the processes and the artists. He continued learning and experimenting with etching and was quickly recognized for his talents as both an artist himself and as a very fine printer of color etchings. His specialty was the single plate etching printed with multiple colors, with each color daubed onto the plate with a pad. Upon his father’s death in 1907, Eugène Delâtre took over his father’s printing business and enjoyed great professional success printing not only his own works, but those of such well-known artists as Mary Cassatt, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri Rivière and Pablo Picasso.