Bénédictus, Edouard

1878 – 1930

Edouard Bénédictus was a French artist, bookbinder, fabric designer, composer and chemist. His decorative designs, often executed in pochoir, exemplified the Modernity of Art Deco and were sought after by fashion, home furnishing and decorative designers throughout Europe. But before he was a famous designer, he was acclaimed as the inventor of shatter-proof glass. After accidentally knocking a beaker off a shelf in his studio he noticed that though the glass was broken, the pieces were still connected and understood that the liquid cellulose nitrate in the beaker had kept the glass from shattering. Further experimentation produced a “laminated glass”, known as Triplex glass, which he patented in 1909. This invention became widely used during World War I, and later as the standard in automobile windshield production.